What Foods Are Eaten in Greenland?


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The hunting culture of Greenland has a lot to do with the foods that are consumed in the country. The meat of marine mammals is often on the menu, as well as hearty vegetables like potatoes. According to EveryCulture.com, people in Greenland also eat a considerable amount of canned foods.

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What Foods Are Eaten in Greenland?
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Many restaurants in Greenland offer buffets that feature seafood like halibut or dolphin. Polar bear and seal meat are also popular foods in the country, as are the meat from reindeer and whales. Meat is a large part of the diet in Greenland, as the protein content in the meat provides energy for taxing physical work and helps to keep the body warm and sustained during the harsh winter months. A popular soup in Greenland, Suaasat, is made from seal meat and also contains rice and potatoes and is featured on many of the menus for Greenlandic restaurants.

Greenland foods are not heavily seasoned or overly spicy, so the true flavors of the ingredients used in Greenlandic dishes are accurately showcased. Vegetarians visiting the country are unlikely to find many meals that are suitable for their diets. Very often, the only non-meat items on the menu are potatoes, rice or onions.

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