What Foods Do They Eat in Switzerland?

foods-eat-switzerland Credit: Jeremy Keith/CC-BY 2.0

The food people in Switzerland eat ranges from chocolates and cheese to regional specialties such as Bernerplatte and rosti. Rosti is a hash brown-like dish where grated potatoes are fried and often served with bacon, cheese and eggs.

Switzerland is known for its cheese and chocolate. It produces more than 100 different kinds of cheese among which are the famous Swiss or Emmentaler cheese. Fondu, a Swiss specialty, traditionally consists of Emmentaler, Gruyere and local cheese melted together with wine and spices. The Swiss then dip olives, shrimp, ham, potatoes and fruit in the cheese. Reclette is a cheese that is partially melted over an open flame and scraped off onto bread or potatoes.

Milk chocolate was first invented by the Swiss. The first chocolate bar was made by Lindt, a well-established company operating out of Zurich, Switzerland. Chocolate is still a booming industry in Switzerland. The people in this country consume more chocolate than any other country in the world.

Roasted flour soup is a traditional dish from Basel, Switzerland. This dish is a combination of flour, beef stock, butter, Gruyere and onion. Papet Vaudois is a dish served in Vaud that combines stewed potatoes and leeks served with sausage.