What Foods Did the Jumano Indians Eat?


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The Jumanos were hunters and farmers. As such, they ate what they grew, such as corn, beans and squash, and what they hunted, including buffalo.

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The "Pueblo Jumanos" are so called because their homes were known as Pueblos. These Jumanos were farmers who would travel long distances to trade. They grew produce, such as corn, beans and squash. As their name suggests, the Plains Jumanos lived on the plains. They lived in tee-pees, which allowed them to follow the buffalo herds they hunted.

There is little known about the Jumanos, as there is little written history about them. In fact, the recorded information about the Jumano Indians spans only from the 1500s to the 1700s. The Jumano Indians were at least three separate tribes of Native Americans. The three known and agreed upon tribes were the Pueblo Jumanos, who lived in West Texas, New Mexico and Northern Mexico; the Plains Jumanos, who lived in the Southern Plains; and a third group that lived between these two. Very little is known about the third group.

The earliest recorded use of the name "Jumano" was in 1581 by Antonio de Espejo. He used the term to refer to villagers at La Junta. However, scholars disagree on whether there was a Jumano presence there. By the late 1700s, the Jumanos ceased to exist as a people. It is theorized that they were killed by disease and war and joined other Native American nations, such as the Apaches.

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