What Are Some Foods on the Dairy-Free List?


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Fruits, vegetables, meats, beans and fish are examples of foods that are free of dairy products. Juice, soda, coffee, soy milk and rice milk are also on the dairy-free list. In general, any food in its natural state that isn't dairy based should be dairy-free. Rice, lentils, sugar and tea are examples of foods on the dairy-free list.

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Many processed and pre-packaged foods are also on the non-dairy list. Examples of dairy-free cereal include Cheerios, raisin bran, Life, Wheaties and puffed rice. Bisquick is dairy-free, as is Malt-o-Meal. Some breads, bagels and breakfast pastries are dairy-free, though consumers need to check the food label to determine which varieties. Spam and other canned meats are usually dairy-free.

Several stores carry specific dairy-free items. For example, the Whole Foods lines 365 and 365 Organic include many non-dairy options. These include animal cookies, classic pasta sauce, taco shells, granola and dill relish. The Amy brand also offers dairy-free options such as the brown rice and vegetable bowl, tofu scramble with hash browns and toaster pops.

Almond, rice, soy, coconut and oat milks are non-dairy substitutes for milk. Foods such as dairy-free margarine and cooking oils can serve as substitutes for butter, while tofu or non-dairy nut cheese serve as cheese substitutes.

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