What Are Some Foods That Do Not Contain Casein?


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Some foods that do not contain casein are eggs, beans, nuts, seeds and coconut butter. Soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, dark, green and leafy vegetables and rice also have no casein. Other foods that do not contain casein are avocado pears, non-dairy cheeses, and protein powder made from hemp seed, flax seed, pumpkin seed and pea protein powder as an alternative to whey protein powder, which contains casein.

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Casein is a type of protein found in dairy milk and its by-products such as cheese and buttermilk. Casein, as a food source, supplies essential carbohydrates, amino acids, phosphorus and calcium that are provided by other food sources. Many people, especially very young children, have allergic reactions to foods containing casein so consuming dairy products is not an ideal method of getting the necessary nutrients that casein rich dairy products contain.

People with casein related allergies do not have to stop eating their favorite creamed vegetable and soup dishes or brands of milk chocolate, puddings and favorite flavors of ice cream. Numerous substitutes for casein containing foods exist, and they are often healthier and tastier than dairy treats, so people with casein allergies can still enjoy a wide variety of food items.

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