What Foods Are Considered Alkaline Rather Than Acidic?

Some foods that are alkaline and designed to balance out an acidic diet include almonds, amaranth, artichokes, arugula and asparagus. Other alkaline foods include avocados, beetroot, buckwheat, cabbage and celery.

Almonds are an alkaline food that provide numerous health effects in addition to balancing out the body's internal chemistry. Almonds make up a healthy snack that encourages weight loss and increases muscular gains. They also lower cholesterol levels, and they are frequently used in cooking to flavor and define meals.

Avocados are another healthy food that is alkaline for the body. The food is also high in potassium, and it contains healthy fat, which encourages the body to naturally burn through existing fat deposits. Additionally, avocado oil is an advantageous oil to use for cooking because of its unique flavor and alkaline properties when used for a specific diet.

Buckwheat is a grain that does not contain wheat, making it an excellent choice for alkaline, gluten-free and other specific diets. The food is also a good source of natural protein and iron, and it has a versatile texture that is featured in numerous recipes. You can cook the buckwheat quickly in a porridge or soup form or combine it with other ingredients for more complicated dishes.