What Foods Can You Make Using Good Seasons Dressing Mix?


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Foods to make using Good Seasons dressing mixes from Kraft include wraps, burgers, salads, potatoes, herb rolls and more. Good Seasons dressings add spice and flavor to food, making them ideal choices for creating or enhancing savory items. These dressings are ideal for lunch and dinner food, such as salads, sides and appetizers.

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For lunch, Good Seasons dressing mixes make a variety of vegetarian and meat-based meals. One idea is to use a dressing of choice as an accompaniment to a vegetable hummus wrap or a grilled chicken Panini. Good Seasons dressing mix replaces mayonnaise, butter or other creamy topping in a wrap, and gives the grilled vegetables zest. For a meat-based Panini, people layer Good Seasons dressing mix with chicken, cheese and vegetables, if desired, to create a unique twist on a traditional sandwich.

Good Seasons dressings make hearty dinner dishes, too. As with sandwiches, substitute these Kraft dressings for mayonnaise and mustard on hamburgers and cheeseburgers. These mixes pair nicely with ketchup or barbecue sauce for a rich taste. Top homemade pizzas with Good Seasons dressing mixes, and use them as dips for appetizers such as French fries and chicken wings.

As a condiment, make creamy Italian tomato salsa using these mixes. It is also possible to make Parmesan rolls and corn muffins with Good Season dressing mixes, and use the mixes as dressing for potatoes, pork chops, salads and more.

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