What Foods Have the Most Calories?


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Foods that have very high calories are lard, macadamia nuts, bacon, granola and Parmesan cheese. Some high-calorie animal fats are beef tallow, fish oil and turkey fats. Beef tallow contains 902 calories per 100 grams of serving while butter has 726. Oils of soybean, peanut, palm and flaxseed contain high calorie. Ready to eat cereals with milk and sugar also add significant amount of calories

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High calories are found in baked products such as croissants, buttermilk biscuits, muffins, peanut butter cookies and doughnuts. Full cream milk and milk products such as butter, cream cheese and yogurt are also high in calories. Eggs, pork, beef, broiler chicken and lamb are some of the proteins that have high-calorie content. Several junk foods, including brownies, candy bars and fudge cakes also contain significant calories.

Several high-calorie foods that are beneficial for health include avocados, walnuts, bananas, whole grain bread and olive oil. A high-calorie, high protein diet is often necessary when dealing with some health conditions, such as malnutrition, ulcers, wounds and cancer. This type of diet may also be required following surgery or prolonged illness. Fats, carbohydrates and protein are the three main sources of carbohydrates, with fat being the largest contributor.

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