What Foods Are on the Angel Food Ministries Menu?


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Defunct since 2011, Angel Food Ministries distributed low-cost food boxes with contents that varied from month to month. Food boxes included various types of fruits, vegetables and meat products.

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As an example, an Angel Food Ministries menu from 2009 featured beef steaks, chicken leg quarters, ham, corn and pre-packaged foods. Angel Food Ministries' discounted food boxes cost an average of $30. The organization distributed to everyone, regardless of need or income. Typically, these boxes provided buyers with appreciable savings compared to retail prices, with the boxes containing around $55 in groceries. Angel Food Ministries sustained its operation by convincing distributors to sell the organization bulk foods at discounted prices.

At its peak, the non-profit was highly successful with an annual operating budget of $140 million. In 2009, the FBI raided Angel Food Ministries' headquarters due to suspected fraud and money laundering. After 17 years in operation, Angel Food Ministries ceased operations in September 2011.

The non-profit cited economic hardship and declining sales of food boxes as contributing factors in the closure. The ongoing FBI investigation into the organization's fiscal management also necessitated the closure. Ultimately, this criminal investigation resulted in a seven-year prison sentence for Joe Wingo, the organization's founder.

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