Which Foods Are Acidic?


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Acidic foods include citrus fruits such as lemons, as well as artificial sweeteners, white flour and alcohol. According to Greenopedia, foods that are inherently acidic can lower the pH value of the blood when consumed.

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Which Foods Are Acidic?
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While many vegetables and fruits contain naturally occurring acid, such foods are generally considered to have an alkalizing effect when consumed. Human blood is naturally slightly alkaline, with a pH value of between 7.35 and 7.45. Stress and poor diet can contribute to higher acid levels in the body, which in turn may cause a variety of health problems. Some nutritionists recommend a diet composed of 60 percent alkalizing foods.

Foods such as beef, chicken, peanuts, wheat, and cheese can also be highly acidic when digested within the body. Foods such as these can have other nutritional benefits, so they should be eaten in moderation with a variety of alkalizing fruits and vegetables. As the list on Greenopedia shows, many highly acidic foods are also considered generally unhealthy. These foods include pickles, white pasta, refined sugar and fried foods. A diet rich in alkaline foods such as apricots, kale, raspberries and sweet potato should keep blood pH levels well-balanced while still allowing the occasional indulgence.

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