What Are Food Wishes Recipes?

What Are Food Wishes Recipes?

Food Wishes recipes are a collection of instructional cooking videos created and compiled by Chef John Mitzewich for his blog. Recipes range from appetizers to weekend fillers. The videos are often accompanied by a picture of the finished dish, recipe instructions and a corresponding ingredient list.

According to Allrecipes.com, Mitzewich's most popular and highly rated dishes include Chef John's Italian Meatballs, Chef John's Buttermilk Biscuits and Chef John's Stuffed Peppers. Chef John's Lemon Bars, Chef John's Banana Bread and Chef John's Pumpkin Pie are among his most popular desserts.

Mitzewich also creates recipes and videos on a number of secondary dishes, such as sauces, salads, dips and dressings. He cooks across a wide spectrum of international cuisines, including American, Asian, French, German, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican and Spanish cuisine.

Mitzewich posts to Food Wishes several times a week, often focusing the theme of the day's culinary fare on a particular holiday or event. The video format allows users to observe the technique of cooking a dish rather than simply reading a recipe's instructions.

Since 2007, Mitzewich has been uploading his instructional videos to his blog. The blog and recipes have won numerous awards, including honors from The Tasty Awards, Saveur and Foodista.