What Are Some Food Ideas for a Child's Lunchbox?


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One food idea for a child's lunchbox is to model the lunchbox after Lunchables, a prepackaged, plastic food container of crackers, meat and cheese. Not only is the lunchbox version less expensive, but it can be more nutritious as well. Another idea for a child's lunchbox is mini wraps.

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To make your own Lunchables, pack 4 to 6 crackers in a plastic baggie. Cut lunch meat into rounds if the crackers are round, and squares if the crackers are square. Choose meats such as hard salami, ham or turkey slices. Cut cheese pieces the same way. Use mozzarella, cheddar or provolone, depending on preference. Pack the meat and cheese slices into separate plastic baggies as well. Add a cut-up vegetable, such as baby carrots, cucumber slices or pepper wedges. Pack the vegetable in a separate plastic baggie, and a dip in a small container. For dessert, pack flavored yogurt and granola in a small container. Arrange these separate elements in the lunchbox so your child can assemble it quickly and easily.

Make mini wraps with a tortilla, rice wrapper or pita and a filling of your choice. If using a tortilla, opt for a brightly colored, flavored one. Some filling options are peanut butter and jelly, chicken or egg salad, or turkey and cheese. Wraps are a good way to use leftovers.

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