What Food Did the Miami Indians Eat?


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The traditional Miami Indian diet included wild plants, cultivated crops, fish, big game and small game, explains the Encyclopedia of World Cultures. Miami Indians planted beans, squash, pumpkins, tobacco and corn, which they called miincipi. The men of the tribe banded together to hunt bison, elk and deer, says the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.

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The Miami Indian diet and lifestyle depended on the seasons, explains the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. In the early summer, the tribe lived in a large, agricultural-focused village. The Miami women took charge of planting the crops and later dried and processed the harvest for storage. In early June, the men of the tribe left the village for a communal bison hunt that usually lasted five weeks, says the Encyclopedia of World Cultures. The men continued to hunt both big and small game through the summer. They also fished and hunted waterfowl on nearby rivers, the Encyclopedia of World Cultures says.

During the winter, the Miami left their large village to form smaller hunting bands and relocated to winter hunting grounds, says the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. In the spring, the Miami moved again to the sugar maple groves, where women and children collected sap for maple sugar. The Miami also collected berries, nuts, roots and wild plants from the forests, notes the Encyclopedia of World Cultures.

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