What Is a Food Coloring Chart?


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A food coloring chart shows cooks how to make a wide range of frosting colors by mixing plain white frosting with particular ratios of standard food colorings. The Food Network offers an online slideshow of a food coloring chart, as well as a downloadable PDF file for easy reference.

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Food coloring charts describe new frosting colors as ratios of the four standard food colorings: red, yellow, blue and green. For example, to make a papaya color, cooks can mix 1 cup of homemade white frosting with 78 drops of red food coloring and 90 drops of yellow food coloring. However, if cooks prefer to use store-bought frosting, the ratios are slightly different, as even white store-bought frosting is faintly colored already. To make the papaya color with a white store-bought frosting, cooks should mix 45 drops of red food coloring with 80 drops of yellow food coloring.

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