What Flavors Are in Superman Ice Cream?

Depending on the brand of ice cream, the Superman flavors are blue moon or blueberry, strawberry or cherry, and banana or tutti-fruitti.The three flavors are swirled together, making it difficult to scoop out just one.

Superman ice cream is believed to have originated in Stroh's ice cream parlour in Michigan, but there is no proof. However, the flavor remains one found almost exclusively in the Midwest. It gets its name because of the colors resembling the colors worn by Superman. D.C. Comics, the owners of the rights to Superman have given permission for the name to be used.

There are other ice creams that have a similar mixing of the fruity flavors, but makers of it call it several different names. One variation is referred to as Super Rainbow. In Canada, it is called Super Hero. As long as it has three fruity flavors in the colors of red, blue and yellow, it could be considered the Superman flavor. Having the fruit flavors is important, as it cannot be vanilla ice cream that has been dyed the three colors. Unfortunately, it is not a flavor that is easily found in grocery stores. It is most commonly available in ice cream parlors that make and mix their own flavors.