What Are Some Flavors of Grove Square K-Cups?

Some flavors of Grove Square K-cups include milk chocolate hot cocoa, chai latte tea, French vanilla cappuccino and caramel cappuccino. Grove Square K-cups are designed to work with a Keurig brewing system to provide consumers with a fast and easy way to brew beverages at home.

The Keurig brewing system was developed for both commercial and residential use, and different Keurig models offer different settings that allow users to create hot drinks such as hot tea and espresso, as well as cold ones such as iced tea and coffee. Some Keurig machines also provide consumers with ways to make other dairy-based beverages, as well as non-dairy drinks like ciders and lemonades.

Keurig brewers feature water reservoirs for storing water and a brew size button that determines how much water to use for different types of beverages. Once the user selects a mode, water moves through hoses from the reservoir into a heating system and then into another storage space on top. With the K-cup in place, the water moves through the opening piece and begins the brewing process. Once the drink is done brewing, the machine punctures the bottom layer of the plastic K-cup, pouring the beverage straight into the user's cup.