What Are Some Flavors of Cornetto Ice Cream?

flavors-cornetto-ice-cream Credit: Foodcollection RF/n/a/Getty Images

Some flavors of Cornetto ice cream include classico, mint, and strawberry. Cornetto also makes a range of ice cream called Enigma. The Enigma flavors include vanilla and raspberry, vanilla and chocolate, cookie and chocolate, and caramel.

Cornetto created six limited edition flavors in their Love Potion ice cream lineup in 2004. In 2005, the company created mint, and then a year later, their caramel flavor hit shelves. In 2007, Cornetto released their special choco disc flavor. The choco disc featured their signature crispy wafer cone filled with vanilla ice cream and a dulce de leche flavored centre. Topping the cone was a milk chocolate disc covered in cashews. In 2008, the company released the fruit disc, followed by the company's release of their Love ice cream flavors in 2009. Their range of Enigma ice cream flavors hit shelves in 2012.

In 1976, Spica, an Italian ice cream manufacturer, created Cornetto ice cream. Soon after the ice cream's creation, the company was bought by Unilever. Unilever began to market their newly acquired product throughout Europe. Their catchy advertisements, which include the famous opera singing gondolier, soon made Cornetto one of the most well-known ice cream brands throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.