What Flavors Does Campbell's Soup K-Cups Offer?


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In 2013, Keurig announced the production of K-Cup soups in three broth, veggie and noodle combinations, only one of which, Homestyle Chicken Broth and Noodles, was given a name. As of March of 2015, however, K-Cup soups have not seen a wide release.

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According to Keurig, K-Cup soups are the result of a partnership between Campbell's Soup Company and Green Mountain Coffee. According to the Campbell's website, the partnership is a result of the company's efforts to expand into new market spaces. Green Mountain Coffee is a pioneer of single cup coffee brewing and is working with Campbell's to translate its brewing technology to produce flavorful soup broths that are brewed over a garnish pack consisting of vegetables and some form of pasta.

K-Cup Campbell's Soup is to be marketed as a snack in a growing diet trend that emphasizes smaller, more frequent meals. The partnership with Campbell's is Green Mountain's first entry into the snack food industry. The origin of the Campbell's Soup Company dates back to 1869, and the company currently makes 8 billion dollars in business annually. Green Mountain Coffee is a subsidiary of Keurig, the top producer of single serve coffee machines and single serve beverages.

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