What Is the Flavor of Trout?

What Is the Flavor of Trout?

Trout are a mild-flavored freshwater fish with a delicate, flaky flesh. Trout that have been eating small crustaceans are thought to have a better flavor than grain-fed trout.

Many types of trout exist and are found on the dinner table. By far, the most popular is the rainbow trout. This fish ranges between 1 to 3 pounds and has a slight nutty flavor. It is usually sold fresh, but consumers can also find it smoked, canned or frozen.

Trout is frequently farm-raised, which means that they are grain-fed and may be grown in ponds or tanks. These grain-fed fish do not naturally have the desired pink color to their flesh. Farmers add a synthetic carotenoid pigment to the fish feed that gives their flesh the right shade of pink. Sometimes farm-raised trout kept in ponds have an unpleasant flavor that comes from the algae growing in the water.

Trout are a popular choice for stocking over-fished waterways. Fishermen like how the fish fight on the line and provide a challenge when fishing them.

Trout meat is lean, rich in protein and quite healthy. On average, a trout filet contains 117 calories, 5.2 grams of fat and 16.41 grams of protein.