How Do You Flavor Moonshine?

To flavor moonshine, leave a fruit in a jar with the moonshine, and keep it sealed and airtight. Another flavoring process uses fruit puree and pulp during the moonshine brewing process to create a fruity final outcome.

To begin this process, choose a fruit with which you want to flavor your moonshine, such as watermelon, strawberry, apple, peach or lime. Use the freshest ingredients and your best batch of moonshine to produce the strongest and most enjoyable flavors.

Make sure the fruit is unmarked, and begin the preparation by rinsing the fruit and cutting it into small pieces that easily fit into a moonshine jar or sealable bottle. The more fruit that is used, the more powerful and pronounced the fruit flavors are, but be sure to remove stems, cores, rinds, pits and other unwanted sections of the fruit. Put the fruit into the jar, and submerge it entirely in alcohol. Make sure that all of the fruit is submerged, as this prevents the fruit from decaying as you wait.

When the fruit is fully submerged, seal the bottle securely, and store it in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. Wait as long as you want, as the waiting time directly affects the flavors that permeate into the moonshine.