How Do I Fix Too Much Oregano in My Sauce?

The easiest way to fix too much oregano in a sauce is to add more liquid to it to dilute the flavor of oregano. This simple fix increases the volume of the sauce, minimizing the effect of the oregano and saving the sauce in the process.

Using trial and error to determine how much additional liquid to add is the best way to get the desired flavor in a sauce. Start by adding a little liquid, and taste the sauce before adding more to ensure that the sauce does not become too watery. If simply adding more liquid is not an option due to pot size or the required amount needed for the recipe, it is possible to remove some of the sauce and replace it with more liquid to keep the proper ratios in check. When diluting sauces, water and chicken stock thin sauces, while other liquids, such as tomato sauce, thicken the sauce.

Adding additional items to the sauce can also increase the bulk of the sauce and subsequently minimize the flavor of the oregano. Depending on the type of sauce, additions may include onions, green or red bell peppers, ground beef or turkey, or a flavorful grated cheese, such as Romano or Parmesan.