What Are Five Steps to Stop Brain Freeze?

What Are Five Steps to Stop Brain Freeze?

Brain freeze is a result of the rapid swelling of blood vessels when the roof of the mouth or palate suddenly makes contact with something cold. Applying warmth or drinking something warm helps to stop the effects.

  1. Press your tongue or thumb against the roof of your mouth

    Roll your tongue in a ball and press its underside against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can. You can also use your thumb to press against your palate. The warmth of your tongue or thumb will help return your expanded blood vessels to their normal state and stop your brain freeze immediately.

  2. Drink something warm

    Remove the uncomfortable tingling left in your mouth after a brain freeze by drinking something warm. A glass of warm water or a cup of hot beverage like tea or coffee will do.

  3. Wait for the brain freeze to pass

    Brain freeze usually lasts for less than a minute and dissipates on its own. If your brain freeze or its tremors refuse to go away, be patient and wait for it to subside.

  4. Hold each side of the bridge of your nose and squeeze

    If brain freeze does not disappear after a full minute of waiting, hold either side of the bridge of your nose with your thumb and forefinger, and squeeze hard until it subsides.

  5. Drink or eat slowly after a brain freeze

    After your brain freeze disappears, massage your palate with your tongue for fifteen to thirty seconds. Avoid suffering another brain freeze by taking your cold drink or food slowly.