What Five Foods Should You Never Eat?


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Five foods that a person should never eat include artificial sweeteners, margarine, soy protein isolate, diet foods and frozen meals. Other foods to avoid include butter-flavored microwave popcorn, swordfish and canned tomatoes.

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Experts suggest that people stay away from foods advertised as diet or sugar-free. These include artificial sweeteners, margarine and low-fat yogurts. Sugar, additives and sodium are added to low-fat foods to lower the fat content, but instead make them unhealthy in other ways. Margarine was made to be butter's healthy cousin, but instead it contains massive amounts of trans fats that make it worse than butter. Artificial sweeteners encourage people to crave sugar and junk food. There is also evidence that these sweeteners still raise blood sugar. Diet sodas, like artificial sweeteners, can still cause weight gain and have links to other health problems as well.

Another food to avoid is soy protein isolate, a highly refined modified form of soy that can cause health problems, especially in women. Either choose natural soy or replace it with other protein sources such as beans, nuts and seeds. While frozen produce is perfectly acceptable, people should avoid frozen meals because they typically include added fats, salts and sugars from their processing.

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