Are All Fish Healthy to Eat?


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Not all fish are healthy to eat and some should be avoided. Some types of fish are high in mercury and contaminates and should not be consumed.

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Are All Fish Healthy to Eat?
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One fish that is deemed unhealthy to eat is the bluefin tuna. This species of fish contains a very high mercury content which can be harmful. Another species of tuna that should be avoided is the bigeye, whichis an imported fish in the United States.

The Chilean Sea Bass is also high in mercury and should be only consumed in moderation. The Environmental Defense Fund has stated that adults should not eat this species more than twice a month and that young children should limit their intake to no more than once a month.

Grouper, monkfish and orange roughy contain relatively high mercury contents and should be eaten in moderation. Farm-raised salmon should also be consumed with caution. Farm-raised fish are often given antibiotics and fed fishmeal, which can pose health risks.

Some healthy fish to eat include albacore tuna, which have high omega-3 contents and are low in mercury. Sardines also top the list of healthy fish to eat. Sardines have an unusually high amount of vitamin D, which only occurs naturally in a few foods.

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