What Is in a Fireball Drink?

fireball-drink Credit: Colby Stopa/CC-BY 2.0

The main ingredient in a fireball drink is Fireball brand cinnamon whisky. Fireball Drinks.com has a listing of 20 mixers and a link to recipes to make fireball cocktails.

Fireball whisky can be mixed with sodas such as ginger ale and root beer or with juices such as apple and cranberry. Other mixers include lemonade, coffee and hot chocolate. Some liquors can also be used as mixers, as suggested on Fireball Drinks.com. Some of these are Bailey's Irish Cream, Jack Honey and vanilla vodka.

Fun cocktail ideas include an orange party punch fishbowl, gingerbread cookie cocktail, autumn's bottoms up and Fireball pumpkin spice coffee.