What Finger Foods Are Good for a Tailgate Party?


Finger foods that are good for tailgate parties include mini corn dogs, jalapeño poppers, spring rolls, chicken wings and sliders. Savory dips such as guacamole and crab dip are also a good addition.

Packaged and pre-cooked mini corn dogs, jalapeño poppers and spring rolls can be found in most supermarkets, and are quick and easy to prepare. Recipes for making these snacks from scratch are located on the Southern Living Magazine website. Chicken wings can be made ahead of time or prepared on a grill during the party. They can also be flavored with a wide variety of marinades. Sliders can be made on a grill using any type of meat, or they can be prepared vegetarian-style using tofu, mushrooms or other meat substitutes.

Savory dips are good for tailgate parties because they can be prepared and stored in advance. Popular dips for tailgate parties include guacamole, spinach or artichoke dip, clam or crab dip, cheese dips and salsa. Dips can be served alongside finger foods such as chips, crackers, bread sticks, cheese squares and pretzels. Other finger foods that go well with dip are raw vegetables, potato wedges or French fries, mini burritos, pizza rolls and dried fruits such as apple or banana chips.