How Do You Fillet a Flounder?


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To fillet a flounder, cut the fish from head to tail, and then skin and trim the fillet. You need a flexible fillet knife, a large cutting board and a cleaver.

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  1. Place the fish on a large cutting board

    Place the fish on a large cutting board so the head is facing your non-dominant hand.

  2. Position the knife

    Hold down the fish's head. Position a flexible fillet or boning knife behind the head of the fish. Position the knife on the side that does not contain the guts.

  3. Make the first cut

    Cut straight down. Without removing the knife, turn it at an angle toward the tail, and finish the cut over the backbone from the head to the tail.

  4. Remove the guts and egg sacs

    Using the tip of the knife, cut the arc on the back of the fish's paunch to remove its guts. Dispose of the guts. Remove the egg sacs carefully, and save them for additional dishes.

  5. Chop off the head

    Position the cleaver where you made the first downward cut. Make a swift and firm cut to remove the head.

  6. Remove the gills

    If you plan to cook the head, use the knife to cut the thin membrane that holds in the gills, and then remove the gills. Otherwise, dispose of the head.

  7. Skin the fillet

    Hold the fillet at the tail, and slip the knife along the tail to the head to skin the fillet.

  8. Trim the fillet

    Neatly trim the edges of the fillet.

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