How Do You Fill Out a Cake Order Form at Costco?

To fill out a cake order form at Costco, obtain a copy of the form online or in a Costco store, check the flavor and design of choice, specify the preferred message, and provide a name and telephone number. Although websites such as Addicted to Costco provide downloadable copies of the order form as of October 2015, customers should check with Costco to make sure their forms are current.

Costco's order form specifies a half-sheet cake that feeds 48 people. Customers can choose either white or chocolate cake. Costco bakers frost each flavor with a corresponding buttercream. Customers then choose from a variety of decorations, including balloons, clowns, sports equipment and rainbows. Customers can also request roses in up to four different colors.

The order form also includes space for customers to write custom messages that Costco bakers then pipe onto the cakes. Finally, customers must include the name and telephone number of the individual picking up the cake, as well as preferred pickup dates and times.

Customers should drop off the finished form at the Costco bakery. They may wish to review the form with a bakery employee to ensure they have provided all the necessary information. Costco requests that customers drop off requests at least 24 hours in advance.