How Do You Figure Out How Much Meat You Need for 100 Walking Tacos?

To figure out how much meat you need for 100 walking tacos, find the serving size the current recipe makes, determine the conversion factor, and multiply the original amount required by the conversion factor. For online recipes, some websites allow for serving size to be entered manually, which automatically changes the amount of ingredients needed.

  1. Find the serving size of the current recipe

    Find the nutritional facts, if available, for the walking tacos recipes. The serving size is near the top of the nutritional facts.

  2. Find the conversion factor

    Divide the desired serving size by the original serving size found in the previous step. This is the conversion factor. Imagine a recipe for walking tacos that serves 24. The desired serving size is 100. Divide 100 by 24 and the conversion factor is 4.16.

  3. Multiply the value of each ingredient in the original recipe by the conversion factor

    Find the original amount of meat the recipe calls for. Multiply this number by the conversion factor. The original recipe requires 2 pounds of ground beef for walking tacos. Since the conversion factor is 4.16, multiply 2 by 4.16, and the new value of ground beef needed for walking tacos is 8 1/3 pounds.