What Are Some Features Offered by T-Fal Professional Cookware?

What Are Some Features Offered by T-Fal Professional Cookware?

Features offered by T-Fal professional cookware include Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Technology, induction cookware and a comforting weight. T-Fal items also have a Prometal Pro coating on their interior that is safe for metal utensils and oven use. Each pan has silicone handles that are dishwasher safe, and the brand comes with a toxin-free cooking guarantee.

T-Fal frying pans come equipped with Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Technology. This technology, when placed upon a heated burner, creates a red circle on the surface of the pan. This signals that pan is properly heated and ready for cooking. Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Technology is exclusive to T-Fal, particularly their induction cookware line.

Induction cookware made by T-Fal comes equipped with a stainless steel base that is designed for cooking on a magnetic induction stovetop. However, it is also suitable for use with electric or gas burners.

Prometal Pro coating consists of six layers of a coating substance on top of a ceramic base and covered with a layer that protects the cookware from damage caused by metal utensils. Another layer makes the pan scratch resistant, while the top layer makes the surface non-stick.

While many pans are single purpose, T-Fal cookware is dual purpose; it can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. The manufacturer recommends that T-Fal cookware be used at oven temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit or less.