What Are Some Features of Hard Cheeses?


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Hard cheese is a term used to describe a well-aged pungent cheese with a dry, crumbly texture that makes it suitable for grating and cooking. If hard cheese develops a small area of surface mold, it is easily scraped off and does no harm to the cheese underneath.

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Pecorino Romano cheese has its origins in central and southern Italy. Made from sheep's milk containing 35 percent fat, it has a sharper flavor than Parmesan and is aged in large cylinders with yellow rinds. Romano cheese easily complements an antipasto tray. Parmigiano-Reggiano, made from cow's milk, originated near Parma, Italy. Primarily used as a grated cheese, Parmigiano is formed into 80-pound wheels that are suspended for several weeks in salt water to wick out moisture, then aged for two years. Asiago, with a consistency similar to cheddar cheese, is made from 30 percent cow's milk and aged for one year.

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