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Fanta is a fruit-flavored, carbonated beverage that is the second oldest soft drink in the Coca-Cola product line. The soda was created in Nazi Germany during World War II as a response to the wartime embargo of Coca-Cola ingredients. Fanta is most commonly known as an orange-flavored drink in America but is bottled worldwide in over 100 flavors, as of 2015.

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With the advent of World War II, the Coca-Cola Deutschland bottling company was separated from its American headquarters. The bottling company created a recipe using the only ingredients available at the time which were whey and pomace. The name Fanta was derived from the German word for imagination, fantasie. After the war, the company was taken back over by Coca-Cola and the Fanta brand was launched in 1955 with heavy marketing in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Japan is the flavor leader with dozens of Fanta varieties, including mystery flavors Hip Hop, Genius Energy and the seasonal flavor, Yuzu. Fanta drinkers in the United Kingdom can choose from orange, raspberry-passionfruit, fruit twist, mango-passionfruit and apple-sour cherry. Many places in Australia have Fanta Labs where drinkers can mix grape, orange, raspberry and mango-passionfruit in any combination that the desire. In many Balkan countries such as Serbia, Albania and Croatia, a version made from elderberries called Fanta Shokata is sold. Blackcurrant is used to flavor Fanta in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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