What Are Some Famous Foods of New Jersey?

New Jersey is known for both farm fresh produce and prepared foods, including pizza, hot dogs and "hoagies." Small family farms, pizza parlors and diners produce flavorful, high-quality food across the state.

New Jersey is called the "Garden State" because it features many small speciality farms that produce choice fruits and vegetables. Blueberries are the official state fruit, and New Jersey produces more of them than any other state. Farmers there leave peaches on the trees longer than in other areas, which makes them more flavorful. Tomatoes are vine-ripened and sold at roadside stands. Sweet white corn grows very well in New Jersey's fertile soil, and the sugars do not turn to starch before the ears are picked.

New Jersey has a large Italian population and is part of the "pizza belt," which includes Philadelphia and New York. An Italian sub is called a "hero," "sub" or "hoagie," and is one of the most popular sandwiches in the state.

New Jersey has more than 500 diners and is called "the diner capital of the world." A typical breakfast at a diner might include Taylor pork roll, which was developed by New Jersey resident John Taylor. It is sliced and fried to accompany eggs and toast. The state also claims to be "the hot dog capital of the world."