When Are Some Fall and Winter Vegetables?


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Plant vegetables like spinach, carrots, kale, chard and beets for a fall or winter harvest. These vegetables are hardy and do well in cold weather.

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Green, leafy vegetables often do well in winter months. Kale can be harvested during the winter as long as you plant them early enough. Make sure you plant them at least a couple of months prior to the first frost so that the plants are big enough to survive the cold weather. Spinach can be planted six to 10 weeks before the first frost then harvested in the spring. Chard can also be planted in midsummer then harvested in the winter.

Root vegetables like beets and carrots also thrive in fall or winter weather. Beets grow quickly, but they should be allowed to grow for seven to nine weeks prior to the first frost. Carrots are slow growers. Give them 12 weeks to grow before a frost.

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