How Do You Explain the New Food Pyramid?


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The new food pyramid is easier to explain by using the USDA MyPlate graphic that separates the five essential food groups into ideally portioned meal plate servings. Four food groups are divided into four plate servings, with small portions of fruit and protein filling two sections, and a larger portion of grains and vegetables filling the other two. Dairy is represented as a separate, smaller serving, and a nutritional meal includes foods from each of these groups.

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According to ABC News, the U.S. Department of Agriculture updated the food pyramid to make it easier for people to choose healthier foods. The color-coded chart is a quick reference guide for people who wish to follow government nutritional recommendations on what to eat and how much to eat. Fruits are red, grains are brown, vegetables are green, protein is purple and dairy is blue.

The site ChooseMyPlate.gov includes an updated food pyramid chart with meal suggestions. The color chart also features a list of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy suggestions. Portion size is a struggle for some people, and this issue has been addressed with the change to MyPlate. Vegetables and grains are displayed as larger portions than fruits and protein. Dairy is the smallest portion size depicted.

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