What Are Some Examples of One-Crust Pie Recipes?

Examples of some great-tasting one-crust pie recipes include apple pie with a crumb topping, banana cream pie, one-crust peach pie and chocolate cream pie. Single crust pies can be made with a store bought or homemade pie shell.

Single crust homemade pies are usually filled with fruit, or they have a chocolate or vanilla filling. A recipe for one-crust apple pie uses tart apples, and its tartness is nicely balanced with a sugar and crumb topping. Sour cream gives this recipe a bit of creaminess, which is enhanced by vanilla extract. Banana cream pie is a popular favorite that has a filling made of fresh sliced bananas and vanilla custard. The banana filling is topped with a light meringue made of egg whites and sugar.

A single crust version of peach pie features a tasty filling that uses fresh peaches, and it is topped with a light crumb mixture created from sugar, butter and nutmeg. This simple pie recipe takes 30 minutes to prepare and 40 minutes to bake. Chocolate lovers can enjoy making an easy chocolate cream pie recipe that uses one ready-made frozen pie shell. This recipe uses instant chocolate pudding and pie filling, which saves time, and also includes a whipped topping made from heavy cream and sugar.