What Are Examples of Lean Meat?

Lean cuts of meat are available from chicken, beef, pork and lamb. To identify lean meat, select a cut with very little visible fat and skin. Look for labels that state the meat is low fat or show a low percentage of fat, such as 90 percent lean.

Chicken breast is a lean cut of meat that is readily available in supermarkets. Select boneless, skinless meat for the leanest option. Chicken tenderloins are also very lean and cook quickly. Loin or round red meat cuts are the leanest options available for beef and pork. Ground beef sirloin is easy to find and can be used in many types of dishes, from low-fat burgers to spaghetti. Top round roasts and sirloin steaks are also lean beef options. Pork chops are a lean pork option with lots of flavor. Trim all the fat from the chop before cooking. Select lean cuts of veal or lamb for gourmet meals.

For salads and sandwiches, select turkey or chicken lunch meat. Deli counter options, such as roast beef and lean ham, are also tasty choices that are low in fat. Many types of fresh, canned and frozen fish are lean and convenient to store and cook.