What Are Some Examples of Healthy Avocado Recipes?


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Avocado can be used in a number of tasty and healthy recipes, including in a classic guacamole with tomatoes and herbs, sauteed with vegetables to make a nutritious side dish or cut in half and filled with a mixture of vegetables and black beans. Avocado also goes well with shrimp, and can be mixed with cucumber and a little cilantro to make a delicious shrimp cocktail.

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An often overlooked use for avocados, particularly Hass avocados, is in soup. Gazpacho, a chilled soup, is ideally matched to the creamy texture of blended avocado. Gazpacho itself is easy to make by combining chopped or blended tomatoes with a little garlic, salt and vinegar, and adding other preferred vegetables before thickening with the avocado.

Due to their texture, avocados work well in stuffing and salad in particular. One example would be using mashed avocados to stuff grilled mushrooms, which is a much healthier option than cheese.

Sliced avocado and roasted beet salad is another example of how avocados can be incorporated into healthy eating recipes easily. Simply slice an avocado and add to a mixture of roasted beets, adding a little orange zest dusting, and an orange juice dressing for an extra tangy flavor.

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