What Are Some Examples of Haitian Food?


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Examples of Haitian food are barbecued goat with hot peppers, chicken stuffed with bananas, rice and beans, salted cod, Haitian patty (a pate made from beef) and marinad (fried balls of dough). Haitian cuisine focuses primarily on fresh tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood. Its dishes draw influence from French, African, Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisine and feature colorful, flavorful foods.

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What Are Some Examples of Haitian Food?
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Haitian cuisine is flavorful and fresh, but relatively simple. One staple of this nation is rice and beans, which is often accompanied by fresh herbs and sauces. This dish might consist of red beans or kidney beans, which are topped with a marinade or served with bouillon, a hearty tomato and meat stew sprinkled with herbs.

Meats like chicken, goat and beef are common in Haitian cuisine. Haitians marinade chicken in a special sauce that combines lemon juice, orange, bonnet pepper and spices. The chicken is then fried, usually with butter, which is often used for cooking.

Haitians also eat a variety of vegetables, which find their way into stews and soups. One classic vegetable stew is legim, which is a mixture of eggplant, cabbage, watercress, spinach, chayote and other seasonally available items.

For beverages, Haitians consume coffee, fruit juices and tea. Coffee is sometimes flavored with milk, along with cinnamon, orange rinds and cream from coconuts. Guava, grapefruit and mango juice are also staples. On special occasions, Haitians celebrate with alcoholic beverages. Rum is a top choice, followed by beer and clairin.

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