What Are Some Examples of a Food That Starts With "L"?


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Examples of a food that starts with the letter "L" include lasagna, lamington, lamb, lettuce, lemon meringue pie, lentils, lollipop and lobster. Two well-known beverages that begin with the letter "L" are lemonade and limeade.

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A lamington is a type of cake that is commonly found in Australia. It is made by cutting a cake into cubes. The cubes are dipped into chocolate and then dipped into shredded coconut.

Lasagna is an Italian dish made with sheets of pasta layered with ingredients such as meat and cheese. Different regions of Italy have their own style of lasagna. For example, in Liguria, it is commonly made with pesto sauce. Salted ricotta is a common ingredient in the region of Calabria. In Tuscany, lasagna is made with sugo alla bolognese and bechamel sauce, while Neapolitans make a Carnival-style lasagna with ingredients such as ricotta.

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