What Are Some Examples of Cute Sayings to Put on Candy?

What Are Some Examples of Cute Sayings to Put on Candy?

If working with simple bars of chocolate, some fun sayings to add are "You are the sweetest person, bar none," or to similarly state that someone is the best friend, teacher or coach a person could have, and follow that with the words, "bar none." Another thing to say is "your sweetness really raises the bar."

If working with candy that has a crunchy element, sayings can thank others for coming through in a crunch. Similarly, sayings can further state that someone knows how to help when someone is in a crunch.

Mint candies lend themselves to several puns, including thanking someone for his "commit-mint," or for a loved one, stating "you and I are mint for each other." Nut-based candies also lend themselves to puns, with potential for sayings such as "I would go nuts without you," or "You're nutty, but I still love you." Again, using puns for berry-flavored candy, a saying can state that someone is "berry" special.

For turtle candies, sayings can thank someone for not moving like a turtle, or for a new mom, can tell her it is OK to move like a turtle for a little while.

Simpler statements can use the word sweetheart in a saying on candy, or can call someone a sweetie.