What Equipment Is Needed to Make Sauerkraut?


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Cabbage, water, salt, wooden spoons and fermentation containers are equipment for making sauerkraut. Late Flat Head, Danish Ballhead and Resistant Golden Acre are varieties of cabbage recommended by the Penn State Extension.

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Depending on the recipe, fermentation containers to use include ceramic crocks, stoneware crocks, glass preserving jars and food-grade plastic containers, including resealable bags. Fermentation crocks and specialty glass jars fitted with airlocks are other ideas.

Different recipes also suggest various ways to slice the cabbage, such as with a food processor, mandolin or knife. Wooden spoons or clean hands work well for mixing the ingredients and packing the cabbage into the fermentation container.

Sea salt, pickling salt or canning salt are viable choices. Some recipes call for 25 pounds of cabbage, but 5-pound batches are also doable. A 1-gallon stone crock holds about 5 pounds of cabbage, which is roughly equal to two medium heads.

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