How Do You Enter the Reward Code From a Box of Special K Cereal?

How Do You Enter the Reward Code From a Box of Special K Cereal?

Enger a reward code from Special K cereal boxes at A site visitor must log in with his user information or register as a new user to enter the code.

Visitors of the site use the Enter Code link in the Collect Points menu. After logging in, the code is entered and the points associated with the code are added to the user's account.

As of July 2015, Kelloggs Family Rewards was in the process of phasing out codes on its packages. However, the reward code entry system is to remain in place so those with packages with codes can enter them. The reward points from the code are credited to the user's account.

To replace the reward code system, KFR has introduced two new programs. In one, consumers upload a scanned copy or a photograph of their receipts showing qualifying products. The receipt can be sent from a computer via an upload tool from the KFR website. A photo of the receipt also can be sent via text message from a smartphone.

Consumers also can add their retailers' customer reward or loyalty cards to the KFR system. When the retailer scans the card at the checkout counter, KFR rewards are automatically credited to the customer.