How Do You Enroll in Basic Cooking Classes?

How Do You Enroll in Basic Cooking Classes?

To enroll in basic cooking classes, contact a company in your area that offers cooking classes and register for a class. If the school has a website, it may offer an online registration option.

Check the Yellow Pages, local newspapers and local magazines to find cooking schools. If there aren't any cooking schools in your area, look for basic cooking courses at community colleges. Some restaurants and food stores offer cooking classes to attract more customers. While culinary schools are another option for learning how to cook, these schools typically tailor their programs for students who want a cooking career.

Research potential classes to find out the class level and the type of food prepared during the class. For basic cooking skills, choose a beginners class. Choose a type of food you're interested in to keep you engaged during the class.

Demonstration, hands-on and workshop classes are the three main types of cooking classes. In demonstration classes, the instructor shows the class how to prepare a dish. In hands-on classes, students prepare the dish themselves. Workshop classes are longer and combine a demonstration with hands-on cooking.

Workshop classes tend to be the most expensive and require the most time, but they are also the fastest way to learn. While demonstration classes don't allow you to practice anything, they do provide basic information and usually cost less than the other class types.