What Does Elephant Meat Taste Like?

Elephant meat tastes somewhat gamey, similar to moose or elk, according to Every Meat. The site suggests cooking it in a soup with beef broth, hazelnuts, mushrooms and vegetables, such as onions and peas.

According to The Awl, Scottish missionary Dr. David Livingstone ate elephant feet and declared the dish "delicious." He described the color as white with a gelatinous texture. He stated the flavor was "sweet like marrow." He went on to describe the rest of the elephant meat as being tough and carrying a "peculiar flavor." Food Reference concurs that the meat from the feet and trunk is not tough.

Elephant meat has seen an increase in popularity in Thailand. Some restaurants in the tourist center Phuket serve elephant meat. According to Phys.org, some people believe eating the reproductive organs of elephants can boost sexual prowess.

In many countries, eating elephant meat is forbidden, or at least taboo. The elephant is an endangered animal, largely because so many have been killed for their ivory tusks. However, in other countries, such as the Republic of Congo, small parties of poachers hunt elephants, smoking the meat at the site of the kill to preserve it. They then sell it as bushmeat, which is simply the meat of wild animals in Africa.