What Elements Make up Flour?

Flour is made from various types of grains or nuts that are ground into powder form. The type of the grain that is used determines the type of flour. A commonly used type of flour is all-purpose flour. As its name implies, it is an ingredient that can be successfully used in many different food preparations.

All-purpose flour is made from the endosperm part of wheat grain. Because the endosperm of wheat naturally contains gluten, all-purpose flour is a glutenous flour, which is why many people with gluten allergies cannot consume foods made from this type of flour.

Self-rising flour is also popular because it has additives that help baked items rise. It is also made from wheat and, therefore, not recommended for those with wheat or gluten allergies. Not all flours are made from wheat grains, however. Corn, nuts and rice are also used to make flour. Masa, the primary ingredient of tamales, is made from corn. Rice flour is made from rice. Nut flours are made from various types of tree nuts including almonds and coconuts. Because they do not contain wheat, corn, nut and rice based flours are popular flour substitutes among those with wheat and gluten allergies.