How Is Eggs Florentine Made?


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To make eggs Florentine, cream cooked spinach with whisked egg yolk and poached eggs. The serving includes slices of buttered toast topped with the hollandaise sauce, spinach and poached eggs, with salt and pepper added to taste.

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To make the hollandaise sauce, hold a heat-proof bowl containing 2 egg yolks over a simmering pan of water, whisking vigorously as you slowly add melted butter. Maintaining the bowl above the pan, reduce the heat, and continue cooking while stirring so that the egg thickens without scrambling. Add salt, ground white pepper and lemon juice to taste, and stir well to ensure they combine. Cover the hollandaise in a foil as you prepare the spinach Florentine.

Next, melt butter in a pan until it foams, add 10 cups of clean baby spinach leaves and cook for two to three minutes until the spinach wilts. Season the spinach with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Add a dash of white vinegar in boiling water, and stir to create a whirlpool. Crack 4 eggs into the whirlpool and simmer for three minutes before draining them in a paper plate. Combine and serve 4 slices of buttered toast, the creamed spinach and the poached eggs seasoned with ground black pepper.

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