Are Eggs Considered Dairy?


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Eggs are not considered dairy. Dairy products come from the milk of mammals, such as cows, goats and sheep. Farm eggs are laid by birds, and birds are not mammals.

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The dairy category includes milk from mammals and the products made from that milk, including cheese, sour cream and butter. Eggs are not made from milk. Animals that produce milk cannot lay eggs, and animals that lay eggs cannot produce milk. Eggs are considered animal by-products from birds. An animal by-product is a product that can be retrieved from the animal without killing it. Eggs are not a part of the dairy group and cannot be made from dairy.

People often incorrectly think of eggs as being a dairy product because both groups come from farms. They are frequently in the same sections of grocery stores and are also used together in most recipes; however, the physical and chemical traits of dairy and eggs show just how different they are. This is important for diet or allergy reasons. Eggs do not contain lactose or dairy, so they are safe to eat for people who may have an allergy to either. They are also safe to eat for someone who is eliminating dairy for dietary reasons.

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