What Are Some Eggplant Varieties?


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Some eggplant varieties are Italian, Japanese, graffiti and tango. Other varieties include Santana, Bianca and Chinese. When people refer to eggplant, they usually mean Italian eggplant, as it is the most well-known.

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Italian eggplant has deep purple, glossy skin and an elongated globe or pear shape. Japanese eggplant has very dark purple to almost black skin. They have a long, thin shape and are good for sauteing or stir-frying.

Graffiti eggplants are identified by their distinctive striped markings. They are known by many names, including purple rain, Pandora striped rose and fairytale. Tango eggplants are either pear or egg shaped. They are white early in the harvest and turn yellow later in the harvest.

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