Is Eating Argo Corn Starch Harmful to Your Health?

Health Guide Info claims that excessive consumption of raw cornstarch may result in anemia, malnutrition, and intestinal blockage, making it harmful to a person's health. However, cornstarch is acceptable is small amounts for cooking and baking, according to SFGate. People with corn allergies could have negative reactions to cornstarch.

SFGate indicates that cornstarch is low in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. It is also naturally gluten-free. However, it contains very few vitamins and minerals. Consumers should select complex carbohydrates that are more nutrient-dense instead of less-healthy carbohydrates such as cornstarch.

Consumption of cornstarch in unusually large amounts is considered a form of disordered eating called amylophagia, reports Health Guide Info. This condition is sometimes associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and other developmental disabilities. It also occurs occasionally with pregnant woman. Treatment for the disorder includes addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies and/or medical conditions, and engaging in behavioral therapy.